UAV services

EOS Team has developed the capacity of its personnel and hardware with three cutting-edge Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to facilitate its activities in environmental monitoring: 🚁 DJI Mini 3 Pro with 4K camera; 🌍 Anafi AI Parrot with 48Mpx camera and advanced obstacle avoidance, precise navigation, and increased operational range; 🔍 GEO690 with the Micansense RedEdge-P multispectral camera, which enables detailed and accurate data collection for environmental applications.

Complementary of the shelf UAV image analysis software is acquired, i.e. the 🖥️ Pix4DFields Software. Moreover, own software modules are being developed to support research and application targets. Georeferenced mosaics can be generated, where upon environmental changes and trends may be monitored in tandem with timely equivalent cross-scale satellite and/ or in-situ data.

Why Choose EOS Team's Drones for Environmental Monitoring?

  • Cutting-edge technology tailored for environmental applications
  • Evidence-based monitoring in diverse ecosystems
  • Eco-friendly data collection
  • In-depth data analysis for tailor-made solutions
  • Experienced and specialized personnel