Our vision

Earth Observation for peaceful purposes aims at the improvement of human life. Rational usage of natural resources, food security and climate change impacts' mitigation constitute core drivers for the development of sensors by the European (ESA), American (NASA) and other Space Agencies worldwide, as well as the design and development of remote sensing data processing chains.

Eos team innovates in this research with the development of Earth Observation based products and services for monitoring and assessment of biodiversity, habitats, cultivations, resources, and land cover/ use changes to support decisions, modeling and scenaria towards sustainability.

Overall goals:

  • Serve societal needs and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Act in cooperation and challenge knowledge as 'a pebble in the lake'

Specific activities:

  • Establish sustainable supply chains for Earth observation value added products and services
  • Operational land cover change monitoring at various scales
  • Incorporation of Earth Observation into the Earth System Science modelling

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